Mushtaq Noor

Mushtaq Noor vita

Heart and Soul
My art is nothing but Lunatic's Ravings presented as visualized. The topic of the art is "Heart & Soul". I never attended any school of art. It was only at the 57th year of my life that my innate power, to conceive and express through brush, was developed as such of blessed revelations, on deep study of philosophy of Khudi"(high-born creation of man) by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), Poet of The East.

The real creativity always has a Ravings base. Also in my case it would be unjust to say simply "Ravings" rather it's "Lunatic's Ravings" but with extreme purity of mind--that commensurate soul's purity. Truly speaking its going with the unknown to unknown destiny leaving behind, in its entire entirety, the knowledge you have, to have the knowledge you don't have. But when we come to "know" really we are bound to say we didn't know as our knowledge is a NULLITY before Reality.

Such drowsing led me to many forms of matter undergoing alchemy through life, as the soul does, that could be utilized as allegoristic/symbolic instances to place the results of such occurrences on canvas, for easy leap of minds to reach closest to the meanings thus expressed visually. A great creative artist is the one who is able to convey, what he felt to the folks. All my art is backed up with strong philosophical themes so I will never be painting "Untitled".

My experiences, thirsts, complexes, yearnings, pains and uproars all attained their peak before they could move an enriching meaningful discovery. Truly speaking the real blessings were my starvations opening me the new windows of expression. The virtual treasures, blessed, vested and trusted in me remain pushing me for their outflow asking me to go on painting restlessly, that is why the first set of 48 portraits (appearing in the website: were accomplished in a record time of 100 days only. And now!! These virtual treasures in me are making me believe that the time is very short and task, to cover, much more. I am under a continuous stress to double-up in transferring these ideas to canvas.

There is no literal interpretation of thoughts; rather the pleasure of the medium and the process of painting have transformed my palette into an image. While doing these paintings, I have seen images change, conflicts resolve, emotions settle, bitterness turn sweet. It has been a discovery, a transformation, like alchemy. The play of textures and chemistry of different materials and, in furtherance, such a great acceptance my art, in a very small span of time, have provided me an exciting challenge, a fascination to explore, to discover surface from surface, a desire to let go, to unlearn. It is an intriguing new journey.

Due to the scarcity of funds it took 2 to 3 years to facilitate this out-flow. Stage arrived when my youngest son strongly urged to let the in-flow expose, in any case. Crucially enough small arrangements of the materials were made to ease and start painting. While consolidating this artwork it was, once, thought that the detailed write-up should not be given with each painting but soon the mind was changed for the benefit of many. Since this all is a translation of philosophy of a great scholar, represented visually, it keeps ocean depth meanings. More in depth you dive, more the pearls falling to your lap. You have only to spare a little more of time and attention to be benefited out of these presents. However one thing is certain, and that is, you go through this art with zeal to fertilize your mind and soul once you will feel thirst, a lot, to go through once again, as the philosophy worths.

Mushtaq Noor