Horkay Istvan

Horkay Istvan vita

Kleist once wrote: The Poet would be happiest if he could express his Thoughts without Words. (What an interesting Admission! wrote Ludwig Wittgenstein.)

Someone, Somewhere is how I title my Works, thinking of the Free Individual, who Himself has become the Center of the of Our Post Human Age, the Focus of Our Collective Memory.

The Question is How to give Visual Expression to that Memory, so that the thus created Contents, can leave a Lasting Impression. An Idea or an Image acquires a New Dimension as it is combined with other Images.

Horkay's work combines original drawn and painted images, appropriated masterpieces, photographs, artists' signatures and commercial logos.

These elements are digitally assembled, i.e., collaged, to create a single, layered moment. This work is post pop, i.e., post modern pop art. Whereas

Warhol took moments from popular culture and turned them into history, Horkay takes history and turns it into a moment, as though the past millennium was a monolithic unit of time. Istvan Horkay's Museum Factory images are beautifully printed on archival paper in small, signed and numbered editions.

Horkay István